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Scodix Ultra™and Scodix Ultra™ Pro 

The patent-pending Scodix Ultra™ Twin-Tray media handling system conveys sheets under the fixed array of inkjet UV inkheads in a single pass. With two trays operating simultaneously; with an independent motion system for each tray, and with 4 CCD cameras to provide pinpoint registration accuracy, the Scodix Ultra Pro reaches the ultimate ratio of performance and efficiency.

The system also enables a single operator to run the system, and maintenance can be carried out automatically and remotely. With set up requiring minimal time, design and implementation of various enhancements is both user and production friendly, while encouraging greater creativity.Advanced inkjet technology

The core of the Scodix SENSE™ technology is its advanced jetting block and multiple independently controlled inkjet nozzles that produce UV polymer in small drops and multiple layers . 

Yes…in one pass

              Scodix Ultra video

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