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The first Scodix Ultra Pro with DigitalFoil has arrived in Canada and is up and running at C.J. Graphics in Toronto, ON.

The Scodix Ultra Pro is a digital print engine, available with or without DigitalFoil, to enhance and make CMYK print excel and stand out. 

The Ultra Pro Foil takes the advantages of digitally produced print enhancement and adds DigitalFoil. Scodix Foil is an inline digital foiling solution exclusively supporting the Scodix Ultra Pro digital enhancement press. Scodix Foil is ideal for In-house shops and digital service providers, and makes it cost-effective to implement the many benefits of foil for run lengths from 1 up to 10,000. Just about any project, including packaging, brochures, business cards, invitations and book covers, can be enhanced via the Scodix Ultra Pro Foil system.

The core of the Scodix SENSE™ technology is its advanced jetting block and multiple independently controlled inkjet nozzles that produce UV polymer in small drops and multiple layers . 

Yes…digital print enhancement with Digital Foil all in one pass

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